The Top Apple Watch Apps for Fitness and Health

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build strength, or improve your fitness level, Apple Watch offers plenty of apps that can help you achieve your goals.

One of the most useful Apple Watch apps for fitness is a pedometer app like Stepwise Pedometer. It tracks your steps and colorfully shows them on your Watch. It also offers several Complications for a quick overview of your activity.


Runtastic is a free, fitness and health app for the Apple Watch. It allows users to track their daily workouts and improve their overall fitness.

It’s not only a great running app but also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep tabs on their progress in other sports and activities as well.

Workouts are professionally designed and include a wide variety of bodyweight exercises for all fitness levels. Plus, it features a Workout Creator that allows users to specify a workout plan specifically tailored to their goals and requirements.

The app also features voice feedback during workouts and live tracking, cheering, and sharing location with friends to inspire and encourage you to continue your journey to a healthier life. Its leaderboard also keeps you motivated to reach your goals and exceed them.


Strava is the world's largest social app for athletes, and it's packed with features. It offers a lot of great data analysis and allows you to track a variety of sports, including hiking, canoeing, e-bike riding, and more.

The Strava app is free to download and is a great way to track your training. You'll need to create an account and enter your details, but it's easy and intuitive to use.

One of Strava's best features is that it collates data from all your activities - running, cycling, and other activities - and displays it in a single place so you can see how much time you spent in each activity.

The app also provides a safety feature called 'Beacon' which will send a text to your chosen contacts with live tracking information as you complete an activity. It's a helpful safety feature to have, but it can be easy to get caught up in unhealthy patterns of comparison and competition that are fed by social media platforms like Strava.

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The Apple Watch has given the ole iPhone a run for its money as the must-have accessory of choice by many tech-savvy consumers. Its most noteworthy accomplishment is allowing users to make the first contactless mobile payments on the go, while also displaying an impressive array of high-tech notifications from their plethora of devices. But what made the watch a success? To answer the question, we’ve put together this list of our favorite wearable technologies and what makes them tick. We’ve also included a few apps that are worth the extra cost for their unique features. For example, one app is a reimagined version of another company’s venerable service while others are designed to stand on their own. And the best part? They all work – and do so with style.

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If you are a fan of running, cycling, or hiking then WorkOutDoors is the app for you. It's the handiest Apple Watch exercise app that shows an in-depth vector map even as you exercise.

This is a fantastic feature for outdoor workouts because it means you can see your route without having to look at a screen whilst you're exercising. It also shows paths and trails which is important when mountain biking, hiking, or skiing.

WorkoutDoors is a powerful and very configurable workout app, with over 160 live metrics, graphs, and buttons that can be displayed in multiple screen layouts. It supports Bluetooth sensors for speed, cadence, distance, heart rate, and power (including Stryd) and it can even import GPX routes to use on your runs or rides.


Gymaholic is a simple, yet feature-rich fitness and health app that works great on the Apple Watch. It comes with many features that make it easy to track your workouts and keep them on track, including guided courses, a virtual assistant, and the ability to sync all of your workout data with Apple Health.

The app also includes a library of more than 1,400 exercises, which is excellent for people who have trouble finding what they need in the gym. It has an extensive set ring with force touch support, which allows you to edit sets, reps, and weight on the fly.

Gymaholic is a must-have for serious weightlifters and those who want to build muscle and strength. It also supports HIIT and cardio training and integrates with Apple Health to ensure that all your exercise and data are tracked.


From tracking workouts to monitoring recovery, there are plenty of apps on the Apple Watch that can help improve your physical health.

Adding a smartwatch to your workout routine is a great way to get motivated and stay on track. But there are many more apps out there that can help you meet your fitness goals.


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