Top 7 Samsung TVs in the Market Right Now

If you're looking for a new TV, you've come to the right place. We've found the best Samsung TVs in the market right now, so you can make an informed decision.

One of the things you need to consider when shopping for a TV is resolution. This isn't something that matters too much if you're buying a smaller model, but going higher will help the picture quality when you have a bigger screen.


The QN90B is Samsung's best TV right now, combining an impressive range of premium features with a competitive price. It's available in a variety of panel sizes, so you can pick one that fits your needs. If you want to save huge money then check out the Betta Home Living Discount Code.

The most important feature is the QLED panel augmented by a layer of quantum dots, which enhances brightness and color. This makes it one of the brightest TVs you can buy, while also offering an exceptionally wide color palette.

But the picture quality doesn't stop there. The QN90B also has full-array local dimming, which improves LCD image quality by dimming or brightening specific areas of the screen in response to what's on the screen.

Another key feature is its excellent contrast. It does this by using a combination of Mini LED and local dimming technology, which boosts contrast in dark scenes and reduces blooming, or stray illumination that leaks into dark areas from adjacent bright ones.

It's also one of the best TVs on the market when it comes to gaming, thanks to its cloud-based gaming tech, which lets you play the latest games without having a console. It's not the cheapest gaming TV out there, but it's an extremely good option for anyone who wants a smart TV that can handle the most demanding games.


The QN85B is a smart TV from Samsung that's designed to be slim in profile and as bright as possible. It's powered by Neo QLED technology - a Samsung trademark that combines the brightness of Mini LEDs with a pixel panel that can be divided into hundreds of individual dimming zones.

As a result, the QN85B's backlighting is precisely controlled to deliver a crisp picture that's rich in detail. The display's 'quantum matrix' uses a grid of ultra-precise Quantum Mini LEDs to take exact control of the individual zones of light in your picture.

You'll find that the display has a vibrant, convincing, mile-wide color palette that makes use of the TV's native 4K resolution to provide stunning visuals. It's also packed with features that help you get the most out of your viewing experience, such as object tracking sound and Dolby Atmos compatibility.

As a smart TV, it has a well-designed interface that's easy to navigate and works consistently well. You'll also be able to control it with voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant devices.


The QN900A represents the cutting edge of Samsung's 8K range, and it's a model that is hard to beat. It's loaded with advantages versus the elite 4K option, including four times as many pixels and a hugely improved Object Tracking Sound audio system, plus it's driving ground-breaking image processing that optimizes incoming pictures scene-by-scene to maximize the screen's groundbreaking capabilities.

The screen tech is the excellent QLED - an LCD panel designed to deliver rich colors, big brightness, and crisp edges without compromising on blacks. The backlight uses 'Quantum' Mini LEDs that are just 1/40th the thickness of traditional LEDs, enabling far more of them to be fitted behind the screen.

That enables an extraordinary level of localized light control. Unlike OLED technology, where individual pixels can make their light illuminate specific areas of the screen, 'Quantum' Mini LEDs don't need to be individually lit - so Samsung can achieve much more accurate dimming zones and black levels than can regular LCD TVs.

It can also hit seriously high peak brightness levels, measured on a 10% of screen area white HDR window, of 1,683 nits in Standard mode - and 4,000 nits in Dynamic preset. While it's still not as bright as a top OLED TV, it's certainly very impressive for an LCD and it can offer perfect pixel-level highlights. If you are looking for the best quality LCD then checks out the Electronics Coupon Codes.


The QN95B is a fantastically potent and explosive 4K TV that combines stunning HDR performance with impressive upscaling. It also boasts a great skill set for high-end gaming thanks to its excellent frame rate and low latency, and it looks gorgeous in its minimalist slab design.

The colors on this TV are some of the most vibrant and detailed I've seen on a 4K TV, thanks to the Quantum Dot color system. Black levels are deep and incredibly dark, and gradations of luminance are remarkably accurate.

This is backed by the superb Neo QLED panel, which uses Mini LED backlighting to achieve extremely bright levels without sacrificing depth or gradations of brightness. This results in a picture that is as brilliant as a premium OLED but with far lower levels of paleness and pallidness.

In addition, it delivers some dynamite HDR performance, with deep, dark tones that elude many similarly priced OLEDs. It also manages to keep its tendency to overshoot bright scenes under control, so that even when the QN95B is on a full Dynamic preset it can still look very good in daylight.

The QN95B's upscaling engine is among the best I've tested, converting standard definition content with an average Delta E of below one. This isn't as good as upscaling from 4K UHD, but it does the job very well and is more than sufficient for SDR content.


If you're looking for a step-up TV from Samsung, the QN60B is worth considering. It's a trimmed-down version of the company's top-tier QLED lineup but it still packs in plenty of image technology, including Quantum Dots and dual LED lighting.

One of Q60B's main strengths is its HDR potential. That's largely down to the set's dynamic tone mapping, which uses a wider range of colors and brightness than standard HD for a more vibrant look.

Another strength is the Q60B's 4K upscaling abilities, which turn native UHD sources into crisp, clear, and natural-looking pictures. The picture isn't flawless, however, with a few areas where it falls short, such as motion processing.

Depending on which settings you use, the Motion Xcelerator feature either fails to predict frame rate fluctuations or leaves them looking quite juddery and distracting. It's also not helped by some unwanted processing 'glitches' that pop up occasionally, such as frame dropping when a movie scene changes focus.

If you're willing to forgo a few of the features that come with the more expensive models, the Q60B is a fantastic budget option, especially if you're interested in gaming. The Game Bar is a great way to track your current frames per second and HDR status, and the TV has a low input lag for fast gaming.


The QN50B combines picture quality and gaming performance that can't be matched in the market right now. It's Samsung's latest Neo QLED 4K TV, which means it has the latest video processing engine and improved upscaling to handle a wide range of image types and deliver impressive performance.

This latest model also boasts several new picture features, most notably Shape Adaptive Light Control. It's a system that aims to improve contrast by suppressing the blooming artifacts that can be caused by local dimming LCD TVs when they detect stand-out bright image areas.

In practice, it's a very effective way of increasing contrast without introducing blooming artifacts that can be distracting in certain circumstances. It does, however, still follow previous generations of Samsung local dimming LCD TVs in occasionally quite aggressively reducing the intensity of bright objects when they appear against dark backdrops.

The picture is very pleasing in most lighting conditions, and its color reproduction is remarkably consistent across different levels of brightness. This is especially true of the QN50B's HDR footage, which can reproduce the extra levels of detail that accompany HDR content with great accuracy.


The Samsung QN40B is a mid-range TV that delivers excellent picture quality for a reasonable price. It's also loaded with features, including great gaming capabilities.

For gamers, this is one of the best TVs in the market thanks to its variable refresh rate support and eARC compatibility. It also works with Xbox Game Pass, so you can play your favorite games on a big screen without needing a console.

It's also a good choice for people who have bright rooms and want to get the most out of their TV. It has an ultra-bright screen and a light-rejecting backlight, which helps maintain contrast in bright environments.

In addition to its nifty features, this is also one of the fastest TVs we've tested, which means it can deliver smooth video playback with minimal input lag. It's also packed with several smart features, including the ability to use voice controls via its Bixby AI and Google Assistant.

Its remote is a bit bare-bones compared to a typical TV, but it's small and sleek-looking, with buttons for popular streaming services and for voice control. It also comes with a built-in microphone, so you can use it for voice search or to talk to Samsung's Bixby voice assistant.


Based on our research, the top 7 Samsung TVs in the market right now are the Samsung Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, RU8000, NU6900, NU7100, and NU8000. Each TV has its unique features and benefits, but overall they offer high-quality picture and sound, user-friendly interfaces, and sleek designs. Choosing the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.



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