Creative Art Projects for Kids That Will Make School More Fun

Creative art projects are a great way to teach critical problem-solving skills. They also help kids connect with others in their class or school community.

The best creative art projects are ones that encourage kids to explore their imaginations and express their creativity. These projects will make school more fun for everyone!

Life-Sized Keith Haring Art

Using simple lines and bright colors, Keith Haring’s artwork is known for being instantly recognizable. Many of his works are now symbols and icons that can be found across the world.

He was a social activist, and often used his art to promote messages about important topics. During his career, Easy Canvas Prints Discount Code offers a variety of mediums and was influenced by the graffiti subculture in New York City.

Gelatin Leaf Prints

Gelatin leaf prints are a fun way to explore nature while making art. It only takes a few items, including a pan of Knox gelatin, an ink brayer, paper and a selection of leaves to get started.

The best part is that you can make several prints with this low-tech method. Try layering with different colors and shapes for even more variety!

Vibrant Artwork Inspired by Romero Britto

Known for his bold use of color and pattern, Romero Britto is one of the most popular and celebrated pop artists in the world. His artworks often convey a sense of joy, hope, and happiness.

Born in Brazil and raised impoverished, Britto’s early upbringing influenced him to believe that art can change the world for the better. Today, he lives in Miami where he uses his artistic skills to help those in need.

Concentric Circles in Squares

Russian-born French Expressionist painter Wassily Kandinsky is known for his color study Farbstudie Quadrate (also referred to as Squares with Concentric Circles).

In this art project, students use squares of construction paper in a variety of colors to create their version of this famous work. It’s an interactive and hands-on activity that will make your child feel like an artist!

Van Gogh’s Sunset on the Fields

During his time in Arles, Van Gogh painted several landscapes that depicted the seasonal rhythms of nature. These paintings are a window into the artist’s spirituality and deep reverence for nature.

In one of his most influential works, 'Tree Roots', he explores the dynamic relationship between organic forms. The work is a final developmental step in Van Gogh’s artistic journey from representation to abstraction.

Framed Art Sculptures Inspired by Louise Nevelson

Children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring their environments. Art is a great way to encourage this natural interaction with the world!

Louise Nevelson, a New York City-based artist, is best known for her dynamic wood assemblages that are often composed of discarded objects. She painted her assemblages with just one color, giving the pieces unity despite their busyness and complexity.

Sumi-e Brushstroke Mini Books

If you’re looking for an art project that will keep kids engaged in school, look no further than these Sumi-e Brushstroke Mini Books. They are simple to make and perfect for a class activity or as a family craft!

This Arts and Crafts Coupon Code is a great introduction to the basic strokes used in Japanese ink painting. It shows each stroke step-by-step with black-and-white illustrations.

Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are a great way for kids to exercise their brains. These mind-bending puzzles are the result of our eyes processing too much information, which causes them to see things that don’t exist!

Take a walk outside with your kids to gather natural art supplies like leaves, twigs, and flowers. Then, use them to create a unique collage! It’s a simple but memorable activity that will make for great artwork to display in your home.

Salt Painting Pineapple

If you want to make school more fun this summer, try a creative art project that will also help your kids learn a little science. Salt painting is a process art technique that uses white glue, salt, and watercolor paints.

The hygroscopic nature of salt makes it absorb liquid water and water vapor in the air, which creates a gorgeous raised painting effect. It’s easy, fun, and educational!

Rubber Band Painting

If you’re looking for new art projects to keep students engaged and entertained, these fun and easy activities will have them creating artwork that will make school more fun!

These rubber band paintings are a perfect way to get kids moving and painting. They’re also a great way to help children develop their hand strength and hand-eye coordination!


Incorporating creative art projects into the school curriculum can make learning more enjoyable and engaging for kids. These projects allow children to express their creativity, build their confidence, and develop important skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. From painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media, there are countless ways to incorporate art into the classroom. By encouraging children to explore their artistic side, teachers can create a positive and enriching learning environment that fosters creativity and imagination.



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